Drive Thru

Our drive thru facility makes the recycling process easy and convenient for the recycling public. The drive thru can be accessed rain or shine as it is an enclosed facility.

Using the Davis St entrance off of W Chestnut, please pull as far forward as you safely can so that other cars may pull in behind you. Large boxes called gaylords are arranged in a row along each side of the drive thru lane. The name of the material is on or above each box or container. There is usually an attendant available to answer questions or assist with heavier items. Please respect the SRC and its neighbors by not leaving materials outside the building after hours.

Here are a few simple guidelines which will improve your drop-off experience.

  1. Separate your recyclables: By separating the material you will be able to go through the drive thru quicker.
  2. Keep your recyclables clean: This will keep your recycling area at home pest and odor free.
  3. Densify your recyclables: Your material will take up less room in your home and car.
    Click here for more details on drop off guidelines.