Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept appliances?
No, SRC does not accept small or large appliances. This includes: clothes irons, vacuums, fans, air conditioners, space heaters, power tools, blenders, coffee makers, washer/dryers, refrigerators. If you have a question about what is an acceptable electronic, please refer to our materials list.

Are there any limitations as to how much material I can drop off, especially electronics?
There are no limitations on amount of material that can be recycled at SRC with the exception of electronics. No person or business may drop off more than 10 electronic items, unless prior arrangements have been made with Jackson County 684-3143 ext. 128. For large quantities of other materials, please call ahead so that we may have personnel available to assist you.

Can I take electronics from SRC?
No, the electronics are collected for Jackson County, not SRC, and therefore are not ours to give away. More information can be found at

Can I take other materials from SRC?
There are often materials available for free or for a nominal fee. Please call or stop by the SRC office located in the rear northwest corner of the facility, to see what is available.

Do you pay for material?
We buy large quantities of material (semi-truck loads) from business/commercial customers, but for smaller quantities from the general public we do not pay. To sell your smaller quantities, you can contact the following metal recyclers: Simco 457-6319, Gary's Metals 985-6931, or T&T Metals 987-2088.